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A Muslim, a Christian and a Jew. Eran Shakine
Wednesday, February 21 until Sunday October 21, 2018
Jüdisches Museum München

In his large-scale works, Eran Shakine humorously considers the similarities and differences between those who belong to the religions Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.
The exhibition title plays on the beginning of jokes based on stereotypes. In Shakine’s case, however, the outwardly indistinguishable trio is a symbol for the three major world religions. In search of common origins, the love of God or the dialog with Moses, they experience various bizarre or everyday situations. As carefree as the drawings appear, their statement is a serious one: believers share a common history despite their different interpretation of the scriptures. Their wishes and dreams are often very similar.

Fig.: A Muslim a Christian and a Jew on the Dark Side of the Moon. 2016. © Eran Shakine.


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