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Kurt Eisner (1867-1919)
Revolutionary and State Premier
extended until Janury 14, 2018

Münchner Stadtmuseum

The Münchner Stadtmuseum is putting on an exhibition to mark the 150th birthday of Bavaria’s first Premier, Kurt Eisner (born Berlin 1867, died Munich 1919) who was shot dead in the street on February 21, 1919, after just 150 days in office. It examines the journalistic and political career of this charismatic and contradictory personality who was claimed by many different movements as one of their own. The exhibition traces the entire journey of Eisner’s life, helping us to understand how this politician went from being a "sentimental socialist" to the driving force of the November 1918 revolution. Up until the 1990s, Eisner was remembered in the history books as a utopian and idealist. Bernhard Grau’s biography (Munich, 2001) was the first to fully analyze all the historical sources relating to Kurt Eisner’s life and come to different, more nuanced conclusions. This biographical exhibition will be the first in a series of events in which the City of Munich turns a spotlight on the history of 1918 and 1919.

Fig.: Fritz Schaefler (1888-1954), Kurt Eisner I, woodcut after a photograph by Germaine Krull, March 1919 © Münchner Stadtmuseum.


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