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Sammlung Goetz. Collection of contemporary art

architects: Herzog & De Meuron, Basel, Photographer: Franz Wimmer, München

Cindy Sherman, Untitled #299, 1994, Photographer: Raimund Koch, New York

Matthew Barney, Cremaster Cycle, 2007, Photographer: Nic Tenwiggenhorn, Berlin, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Exh. „Arte Povera from the Goetz Collection", Photographer: Nic Tenwiggenhorn, Berlin, © VG-Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Robert Gober, Untitled, 1988, Photographer: Raimund Koch, New York

Andreas Hofer, Thunder Agent Nevada Doom 4419, 2004, Photographer: Roman März, Berlin

Mike Kelly, Kandor 7, 2007, Photographer: Nic Tenwiggenhorn, Berlin, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Jannis Kounellis, Senza titolo, 1959, Photographer: Barbara Deller-Leppert, München



Oberföhringer Straße 103
81925 München


Gallery Hours

Do. u. Fr. 14.00-18.00, Sa. 11.00-16.00, jedoch nur nach telefonischer Vereinbarung
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The Sammlung Goetz includes more than 4,500 works by over 500 artists; in addition to drawings, prints, paintings and photographs, the collection features a variety of video works and site-specific installations. Although the collection began with a number of Arte Povera works, its inventory – continually expanded over the years by Ingvild Goetz - now includes works by American artists of the 1980s, the Young British Artists and individual German and international artists.
The artworks are presented to the public in two six-month exhibitions each year. The Sammlung Goetz also collaborates with several institutions, including the ZKM Karlsruhe, the Villa Stuck and Haus der Kunst in Munich, which allows the collection to be presented in other contexts.
Ingvild Goetz’s collecting approach focuses on the media diversity of current forms of artistic expression and the constant training and expansion of our perceptive spectrum.  This idea is corroborated by a vast reference library, which includes about 7,000 scholarly volumes, with a concentration on the art from the 1950s.

Opened in 1993, the Sammlung Goetz building was designed by the Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron. The cube made of birch wood and frosted glass has since become an architectural icon and one of Herzog & de Meuron’s most showcased buildings. In order to do justice to the presentation of the collection’s media artworks, the building was extended in 2004 with BASE103, an addition to the existing building in the basement, which offers increased exhibition space. Visits to the collection and use of the extensive reference library are free of charge and possible during opening hours with prior telephone reservations. Guided tours are offered on request.

Sammlung Goetz
Again and Again
15.09.2017 - 08.04.2018

The exhibition Again and Again explores the fragile image of the self in video works from the 1990s and 2000s. On view are 12 works that have expanded the spectrum of visual design through the technical possibilities of digital media art. From the beginning, video art has been used as a medium of artistic self-reflection, because unlike analogue film, video allows the simultaneous reproduction of the filmed material on a monitor. The analysis of concepts of the self has not lost its relevance to gender research, new scientific developments and the increasing amount of self-presentation in the mass media and on social networks. Using new narrative techniques in media art, such as the loop, multichannel projection and the split screen, artists are constantly expanding their pictorial repertoire. The connection between psychology and the moving image is investigated by Kristin Lucas (*1968, Davenport, US), Tracey Emin (*1963, Croydon, GB) and Doug Aitken (*1968, Redondo Beach, US) in their work. Mathilde ter Heijne (*1969, Strasbourg, FR), Candice Breitz (*1972, Johannesburg, SA) and Cindy Sherman (*1954 Glen Ridge, US) are concerned with issues of female identity. Brice Dellsperger (*1972, Cannes, FR) Mark Leckey (*1964, Birkenhead, GB), Ryan Trecartin (*1981, Webster, US) and Matthew Barney (*1967, San Francisco, US) expand the spectrum of gender identities and make the boundaries between appear effortless and permeable. The title of the exhibition Again and Again is based on the eponymous single-channel installation by Björn Melhus (*1966, Kirchheim unter Teck, DE), in which he explores the subject of cloning in a humorous manner and which is presented on eight monitors.

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