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Sammlung Schack. 19th-century German painting

The Schack collection

The Schack collection

View of the exhibition

View of the exhibition

The great copy room on the first floor.

Moritz von Schwind, The Morning Hour, um 1860

Johann Georg von Dillis, View of Sankt Peter seen from Villa Malta, 1818

Franz von Lenbach, Shepherd Boy, 1860

Arnold Böcklin, Triton and Nereïde, 1874

Franz von Lenbach, Venus of Urbino (after Tizian), 1866



Prinzregentenstraße 9
80538 München


Gallery Hours

Mi.–So. 10.00–18.00 1. u. 3. Mi. im Monat 10.00–20.00
not accessible

The Schack Collection with its extensive holdings of Moritz von Schwind, Anselm Feuerbach, and Arnold Böcklin stands as one of the most important collections of 19th century German painting. The visitor receives insight into the art and intellectual world of this time period which hardly any other museum can deliver, i.e. the way it is presented by this gallery in Prinzregenten Street. The blue and red walls provide the backdrop for famous romantic masterpieces like Moritz von Schwind, Carl Rottmann, and Carl Spitzweg.  The first upper level displays paintings by von Böcklin and Feuerbach as well as Lenbach’s "Little Shepherds" as prizes of the collection. The largest hall of the gallery holds nineteen large format copies of Venetian Renaissance paintings: Giorgiones' "Country Concert" (Concert Champètre) from the Louvre, Titian's Pesaro-Madonna from the Frari Church, the "Presentation of Mary in the Temple" from the Academy in Venice, and the portrait of Emperor Charles V from the Prado. The copies were painted by, among others, August Wolf and Franz von Lenbach, whose Titian copies for Count Schack rank with the best painting copies of the 19th century in Germany.

The Schack Collection was established by Count Adolf Friedrich von Schack, who was the most important collector of contemporary painting in Germany besides King Ludwig I. By the time of his death in 1894 he had acquired about 200 paintings by German artists and roughly 80 copies of paintings by old masters.  After the count’s death the collection was inherited by the German emperor, who order the present gallery building constructed in 1909. In 1939 the collection became the property of Bavaria and has remained in the custody of the Bavarian National Art Collections.
Since its renovation for the centennial in 2009 the Schack Collection has basked in new glory. Descriptions of the paintings complement the realm of thought for these works.  Selected poetry verses in the rooms bring the literary culture of the time period to life. The collector participated in this era as poet and author of cultural-historical works.  The Schack Collection is open every first and third Wednesday of the month until 8 p.m. Guided tours are available on these Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. as well as on the second Sunday of the month at 11 a.m.

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