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Museum at the Courtgarden-Arcades

Simon Quaglio; THE MAGIC FLUTE (Mozart), Court- and Nationaltheatre Munich, 1818

Sarah Bernhardt as TOSCA, Photo: Nadar, Paris 1887

Leo Pasetti: Scetch for set-decoration for SALOME (Strauss), National Theatre Munich, 1922

MOTHER COURAGE AND HER CHILDREN (Brecht), Photo: Hildegard Steinmetz, Kammerspiele, Munich 1950

THE BATTLE OF THE TEUTOBURG FOREST (Kleist), Photo: Abisag Tuellmann, 1982

Special exhibition THE BALLETS RUSSES, 2009, first hall at the ground floor

Museum entrance

Reading room at the library



Galeriestraße 4 a
80539 München


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Ausstellungsbereich derzeit geschlossen bis 25. April 2017 Nur bei Sonderausstellungen: Di.-So. 10.00-16.00 Fotosammlung: Di. 10.00-12.00, Do 14.00-16.00 Präsenzbibliothek: Di. u. Do. 10.00-12.00 u. 13.30-16.00 Alle weiteren Sammlungen nur n. Vereinb.
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The Theatre Museum is a site for collective discussion of cultural-historical memories. It preserves and connects cultural reminiscences, which are made accessible to the public through exhibits and publications.
The diverse schedule of events provides the opportunity to meet with great stage personalities like Maria Callas, Gustav Mahler, Dieter Dorn and his ensemble, the Ballets Russes or Rainer Werner Fassbinder; plus it presents great show topics like "350 Years of Opera in Munich" or "The Birth of Theatre". 
The Theatre Museum does not devote itself only to Munich’s theatre history. It reaches throughout Germany and documents the various connections between theatres in Europe with the numerous artistic and historical aspects. In all the collection holds about 250,000 graphic brochures and approximately 500,000 autographs (manuscripts). For Baroque alone the German Theatre Museum retains a comprehensive collection of original graphic works. The most valuable holdings in the library go back to Renaissance times. In addition, this world’s largest collection of stage photography includes some of the earliest photos.

The actress Clara Ziegler established the collection of the German Theatre Museum in 1909 by donating her villa on the English Garden.  She included her substantial, self-earned wealth and personal collection for the interior of the German Theatre Museum which opened in 1910.  The collection documents the contacts and network of theatrical and artistic events in Germany and Europe. A central goal lies in the awareness of the spirit of theatre. The value of archiving and displaying cultural events and memories represents an important contribution. Since 1953 the museum has been housed in the northern gallery branch of the Royal Garden (north of the Residence).

Deutsches Theatermuseum
Behind the words - the actress Gisela Stein
26.04.2017 - 15.10.2017

With a large number of photographs, costumes and cinematic production excerpts, the exhibition on Gisela Stein evokes memories of one of the outstanding theatre actresses of our time. Whether playing Iphigenia, Hecuba, Penelope or a protagonist in modern plays, as an ”initiator“ of images, feelings and associations, the actress time and again brought to light new hidden levels of meanings in roles and plays, flowing from her incredibly deep insight into the texts. In 1980 she joined the Munich Kammerspiele, where together with the director and later intendant Dieter Dorn and the members of his legendary ensemble – for example, Helmut Griem, Rolf Boysen, Peter Lühr, Thomas Holtzmann and Cornelia Froboess – she joined an incomparable working symbiosis. In 2001 she followed Dieter Dorn for a further six years at the Bavarian Staatsschauspiel.

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