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NS-Dokumentationszentrum München. History of National Socialism

NS-Dokumentationszentrum München, Ansicht von Südwesten (Foto: Jens Weber)

NS-Dokumentationszentrum München, Ansicht von Südwesten (Foto: Jens Weber)

NS-Dokumentationszentrum München, vom Karolinenplatz aus gesehen (Foto: Jens Weber)

NS-Dokumentationszentrum München, Fassadendetail mit ehemaligem "Führerbau" (Foto: Jens Weber)

Das "Braune Haus", Aufnahme von 1935 (Foto: Bayerische Staatsbibliothek/Bildarchiv, hoff-11894)

Der Königsplatz, Aufnahme vom 9. November 1936 (Foto: Bayerische Staatsbibliothek/Bildarchiv, hoff-14387)

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Brienner Strasse 34
80333 München

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With the new opening of the NS-Dokumentationszentrum in May 2015, Munich features a central place of learning and remembrance that critically reflects on the city’s National Socialist past and the causes, manifestations and repercussions of the dictatorship. The new building on the grounds of the "Brown House", the former headquarters of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP), is conceived as an open and vibrant centre catering to all generations.

A permanent exhibition documents Munich’s Nazi history, complemented by special exhibitions and a diverse education and event programme. A learning forum will provide visitors with digital multimedia and research services. The permanent exhibition, taking in several floors, comprises photographs, documents and texts as well as film projections and multimedia stations. Key topics include the rise of the Nazi movement in Munich, the particular role played by the city in the dictatorship’s terror system and the difficulties in dealing with the National Socialist past after 1945.

Munich is connected with the rise of National Socialism like no other German city. Located at the present-day site of the NS-Dokumentationszentrum from 1931 to 1945 was the "Brown House", the first prestigious headquarters of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP). Beginning in 1933, the Nazi regime’s first monumental ensemble of buildings was created in its vicinity. Within ten years the Party administration in the Maxvorstadt had grown to almost 6,000 personnel working in 68 buildings. The Königsplatz served as a backdrop for staging the cult of the Party and Führer.

Persistent critical voices from engaged Munich citizens constantly demanded a candid and critical reflection on the city’s Nazi history. In 2001 the Landeshauptstadt München resolved in principle to create a place of learning and remembrance on the former grounds of the "Brown House". The new building was jointly financed by the Landeshauptstadt München, the Freistaat Bayern and the Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

NS-Dokumentationszentrum München
Nie wieder. Schon wieder. Immer noch. Rechtsextremismus in Deutschland seit 1945
29.11.2017 - 02.04.2018

Die Ausstellung zeigt Entwicklungs­linien, Ereignisse und Akteure der extremen Rechten seit 1945 auf. München und Bayern stehen dabei im Mittelpunkt. Aus welchen Elementen setzt sich die menschen­feindliche und antidemokratische Ideologie des Rechtsextre­mismus zusammen? Inwieweit sind einzelne dieser Elemente auch für die gesell­schaftliche Mitte anschlussfähig?

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