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Faust Festival München
One Drama. Ohne City. Hundreds of events.
February 23 until July 29, 2018

Taking place from 23 February to 29 July 2018, the Munich Faust Festival was initiated by the Kunsthalle Munich and the Gasteig. It all started with an idea, which was soon put into action. When working on the exhibition of Du bist Faust ("You are Faust"), Roger Diederen, Director of the Kunsthalle München, was inspired by the complexity as well as the timeliness of this work, and he wanted to share his enthusiasm with others in Munich’s cultural sector. Max Wagner, Managing Director of the Gasteig, was hooked by this topic right from the start and the idea of a Faust Festival in Munich in 2018 was born. The Gasteig, Europe’s biggest cultural centre, functions as the festival centre for this five-month-long event.

In the meantime, more than 100 cultural institutions have agreed to cooperate in the name of Faust – and the list is growing. The 2018 Munich Faust Festival still follows its original principle: Faust for all, made by all.

The 2018 Munich Faust Festival does not aim at representing only the cultural flagships of the city. Especially smaller institutions, artists from all genres, the off-scene, professionals as well as amateurs are invited to take part and represent Faust all over the city – in the city centre, the individual districts of the city as well as in Munich’s outskirts. Because Faust should be experienced with all senses, partners from the hotel, restaurant and retail sectors are also part of the act.
 The unique cultural scene in Munich provides the perfect basis for a festival of this size. The city has huge creative potential and dedicated citizens who love art and enjoy indulgence. And that is exactly what is needed to comprehensively examine this classic of world literature in a critical, intellectual, humorous and down-to-earth way.

All Information and the program you can find here.

Fig.: Faust Festival München.


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