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Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016
Extended until May 28, 2017

Museum Mensch und Natur

The exhibition on the "Wildlife Photographer of the Year" competition is not only the world's largest and most prestigious competition for natural photography, but also an international and state-of-the-art presentation of the state of the art of natural photography.

Since 1965, the competition has become an institution that fascinates both photographers and spectators alike. Almost 50,000 entries from 95 countries entered the 52nd edition this year - from experienced professionals as well as from amateurs and young up-and-coming alumni. In the course of a process of several weeks, an international jury selected the best 100 photographs in a total of 16 categories from this incredible wealth without knowledge of the identity of the respective photographers. They especially appreciated artistic skill and new visions, which take a photo out of the mere image of nature.

The exhibition presents these award-winning images and provides moving insights into the great, varied and sometimes dramatic natural phenomena. Touching animal portraits and enchanting plant pictures are represented as well as breathtaking underwater photographs and silent landscape paintings. In addition, many pictures tell stories about the way people deal with their fellow creatures and the exploitation of our planet.

One thing - despite all the diversity and differences - all pictures and photographers: the great love for nature and the respect for their uniqueness.

Fig.: Imre Potyó (Ungarn), Schwärmen unter Sternen (Swarming under the stars); Finalist / Kategorie Wirbellose.


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