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FORUM 045: Arne Schmitt – Personality and System
February 23 until May 27, 2018
Münchner Stadtmuseum

The Münchner Stadtmuseum FORUM 045 young photography Exhibition showcases two pieces by Arne Schmitt (born 1984, Mayen). This Cologne artist focuses particularly on the architecture of modernity and the postwar period. His works reflect the context in which they were created and the zeitgeist of formative buildings or building typologies. At the same time, they adopt a critical stance towards to the way we currently view postwar architectural history in the Federal Republic of Germany. The exhibition title, "Personality and System", refers to Schmitt’s pieces: "In neuer Pracht" ("In new splendor"), 2017; and "Mit weniger mehr schaffen" ("Doing more with less"), 2016. These are dedicated to a client for a building and an architect, and their individual accomplishments. The client was Hans Gerling (1915-1991), the insurance company owner responsible for the erection of an imposing corporate headquarters in Cologne, which set the tone for that particular district. The "In neuer Pracht" series captures Gerling's deeply neoliberal ideological regression in both photos and text. The exhibition also includes a video by Arne Schmitt “Mit weniger mehr schaffen. Die zeitlose Wissenschaft der Rationalisierung” (Doing more with less. The timeless science of rationalization.) It is a video adaptation of Ernst Neufert’s architectural reference work and reads between the lines of this highly technical and richly illustrated textbook to uncover its ideological content.

Fig.: Arne Schmitt, o.T., aus der Arbeit: In neuer Pracht, 2017 © Arne Schmitt / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2017. 


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