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Alter Hof 1
80331 München


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All questions regarding the Bavarian museum landscape can be brought to the Infopoint of Museums and Palaces in Bavaria in the Alter Hof (old courtyard) located just two minutes away from both Munich’s Marienplatz and the Residence. The Infopoint provides information on the approximately 1,350 museums in Bavaria. The range includes collections on history, art and art history, castles and fortresses; then there are museums focusing on archaeology, natural sciences, technology, the crafts and industrial history, and the open-air and agricultural museums.
At this site the visitor receives personal advice, brochures of the museums and palaces, exhibits and special programs, as well as current publications.  Changing presentations feature on individual museums or groups of museums in the Infopoint and invite you to explore them. The portal www.museen-in-bayern.de can be accessed here to investigate all the information on the Bavarian museums online.
The Infopoint is housed in this historic building with early medieval parts from the 13th century. One level below visitors may tour the exhibit “Imperial Castle in Munich” in the Gothic vaulted hall of the first Wittelsbach residence in Munich. This makes the Alter Hof (old courtyard) with its so-called monkey tower an ideal starting point for museum visits, city tours, and excursions.

The Alter Hof, a four-sided fortress, was laid out within the first city walls around the year 1200, in the old town of todays city-center. The St. Margaret and St. Lorenz chapel was blessed in 1324 and showcased the imperial jewelry and relics of the Holy Roman Empire from Duke Ludwig IV’s coronation in 1328 until 1350.
An enormous expansion project at the Alter Hof took place between 1460 and 1470 to fortify the structure and decorate the facades. The duke’s royal family however moved to the new residence in the first half of the 16th century.  Since then the Alter Hof has served as lodging for guests and as seat of national governing offices like the royal chamber and advisory councils.  Between 1816 and 1819 the chapel gave way to a new structure for the customs agency. Other parts of the original building were destroyed during World War II or demolished and renovated in the 1950s.  Another demolition and re-building project in 2004-2006 restored the courtyard with the fountain and milling bases as well as the St. Lorenz chapel foundation. The historic wings of the Alter Hof (tower and wall foundation) were renovated between 2000 and 2003 and then occupied by government agencies like the Landesstelle für die nichtstaatlichen Museen in Bayern (Bavarian Museum Board). In 2004 the Infopoint for Museums and Palaces in Bavaria opened its doors. In 2007 the exhibit “Imperial Castle in Munich” was added.

Infopoint Museen & Schlösser in Bayern
Bier in Bayern. Landesausstellung 2016 zu Gast im Infopoint
11.07.2016 - 27.08.2016

Zum 500-jährigen Jubiläum des Bayerischen Reinheitsgebotes wird im ehemaligen Kloster Aldersbach die Kulturgeschichte eines Getränks vorgestellt, das für Bayern etwas ganz Besonderes ist: Bier – ein Mythos und ein Markenzeichen des Freistaats, das bis heute das Bild Bayerns in der Welt prägt. Wirtshauskultur, Klosterbrauereien, staatliche Brauhäuser oder Biermonopole werden genauso thematisiert wie Bierkrawalle, Pioniere des Brauwesens und Facetten des Bierkonsums. Einmalig ist das Ensemble des vollständig erhaltenen Klosterkomplexes, das neben der Brauerei mit niederbayerischem Bräustüberl mit der Asamkirche „Mariä Himmelfahrt“ eine der schönsten Barockkirchen Bayerns umfasst. Das Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte, der Landkreis Passau und die Gemeinde Aldersbach veranstalten in Zusammenarbeit mit der Brauerei Aldersbach die Bayerische Landesausstellung 2016 „Bier in Bayern“ in einer der ältesten Kulturlandschaften Bayerns: im Passauer Land. Themen- und Bildfahnen, ein Kurzfilm mit Ansichten der Ausstellungsräume sowie der Ausstellungskatalog zu "Bier in Bayern" vermitteln im Infopoint einen ersten Einstieg in die Themenvielfalt.

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